Our basics

For us, it comes down to four important basics: Enjoying Jesus, Encouraging people, Equipping disciple-makers and Engaging culture with Christ's love.  We believe that if we do these four things well, we can actually be a church that overflows with the life of Jesus and makes a difference in this world with His love.

Here's what we mean:

Enjoy Jesus.  He is a Living Person whom we can know intimately and with Whom we can enjoy a daily relationship.  We enjoy Him through prayer, worship and a hunger for His Word.

Encourage People.  Everyone has potential and we believe that Christian encouragement is a necessary means to help people become what God dreamed for them to be.

Equip Disciple-Makers. A disciple maker is one who comes alongside of others to help them grow in relationship with God.  We believe this is the privilege of EVERY Christian, and not just clergy, so we are committed to equipping you to become an effective disciple-maker.

Engage Culture. Jesus called us "salt and light" which means He created us to have influence on the world around us.  We engage culture with the goodness of God's Kingdom values of right living, peace and joy. 

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