life Groups

Life groups are the heart of what our church does each week.  These small groups meet in various places for the purpose of forming Christ-centered friendships and training up people who can make disciples. If you'd like to join a life group , leave your info here and one of our leaders will get in touch with you! (No worries, it's secure and we're the only ones who see it.)

    life groups


    • Mike & Torei Yacka - Sundays, lunch 12:15pm group 1-3pm in Glastonbury
    • David & Nicole Lemoine - Sunday lunch 12pm, group 1:15pm in Manchester (Full)
    • Jonathan & Meredith Clark - Sunday 5:30pm open table dinner followed by group at 6:30pm in South Windsor
    • Sarah & Connor Petersen - Sunday 6pm in Vernon
    • Glenn & Tammy Gerhard with Pri & Marlene Shah - Sunday 6-7:30pm at New River


    • Linda Dagon - ladies group 10am-12pm at New River
    • Janel Pardi - Ladies group, 6-8pm at New River (Full)


    • Bud Duplin - Men's group 7-9pm at New River
    • Jarles & Lori Florez - 6:30pm fellowship, group 7-9pm in West Hartford
    • Kris & Kari Olson - 6-8pm in Manchester
    • Becky Brown - Ladies Group, 6:30pm in Manchester


    • Marvin Thomas - Men's Group 7-9pm at New River
    • Bud Duplin - Men's Zoom Group 7-9pm
    • Doug Rowse - Young Men's Group - 6:30pm at New River
    • Pat Williams - Ladies Group, 9:30am at New River


    • Maureen Jones & Pat Williams - Ladies Group - 9:30-11am at New River Church
    • Doug & Karis Rowse - 6:30 - 8:30pm in South Windsor

    Link to PDF Journal of God's Own Arm