life Groups

Life groups are the heart of what our church does each week.  These small groups meet in various places for the purpose of forming Christ-centered friendships and training up people who can make disciples. If you'd like to join a life group , leave your info here and one of our leaders will get in touch with you! (No worries, it's secure and we're the only ones who see it.)

    life groups


    • Mike & Torei Yacka - Sundays, lunch 12:15pm group 1-3pm in Glastonbury (Full)
    • David & Nicole Lemoine - Sunday lunch 12pm, group 1:15pm in Manchester (Full)
    • Jonathan & Meredith Clark - Sunday 5:30pm open table dinner followed by group at 6:30pm in South Windsor
    • Sarah & Connor Petersen - Sunday 6pm in Vernon
    • Glenn & Tammy Gerhard with Pri & Marlene Shah - Sunday 6-7:30pm at New River


    • Linda Dagon - ladies group 10am-12pm at New River
    • Janel Pardi - Ladies group, 6-8pm at New River
    • Mariana Machado & Enrique Ferrando - Spanish Group in Hebron, Mondays 5-7pm


    • Bud Duplin - Men's group 7-9pm at New River
    • Becky Brown - Ladies Group, 7pm in Manchester


    • Marvin Thomas - Men's Group 7-9pm at New River
    • Doug Rowse - Young Men's Group - 7pm at New River
    • Pat Williams - Ladies Group, 9:30am at New River


    • Maureen Jones & Pat Williams - Ladies Group - 9:30-11am at New River Church (Full)
    • Doug & Karis Rowse - 6:30 - 8:30pm in South Windsor

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    discipleship partners

    To help you get the most out of our Bible study this season, we are encouraging you to link up with a discipleship partner.  By this, we mean that you and one or two friends agree to meet together weekly to go over the materials that we are studying in our Sunday celebrations.  If you are part of a Life Group, it is ideal if you connect with someone in your group.  However, you do not need to be part of a group to do this.  Once you have figured out who your partner will be, please let us know by filling in the information at this link so that we can encourage you in the journey. 

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