Planning to VIsit New River soon?

Where do you start?

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9am or 11am for our Celebration! You can plan to be with us for about an hour and a half. We enjoy worship, prayer, and a teaching from God's Word.

Please dress casually.   We are a pretty relaxed group who takes God seriously, but we don't worry about what kind of clothes you wear. 

If you plan to visit with children, our Grow Zone is available at the 9am Celebration for 3yrs olds - 6th grade (kids typically LOVE it!). Parents, check-in your children in the lobby on arrival. Your children will join you in the sanctuary, then will be dismissed to class after worship & prayer. At the end of the Celebration, you will pick up your child/children from their classroom.  The Nursery is available during the 9am & 11am celebrations for newborns - age 2. Parents can drop their little ones off before the Celebration or at any time throughout.

 That's really about it!

Christianity is a team sport.  We truly believe that we are better together than we are apart.  That is why we encourage everyone to get involved in two things:  First, we want you to get connected with at least one other Christian who will intentionally encourage you to grow in your friendship with Jesus.  This is called a "discipling relationship" and we all need at least one.  Second, we encourage you to plug into a ministry of New River where you can discover the thrill of being used by God to impact others. You can fill out a "get connected" form here.

For more information:

Still want to know more?  Please visit our Facebook page.  You can find us by searching for "New River Community Church".  Or, please feel free to call our church office: 860.648.2970.  Our office is open Tuesday-Friday from 9am-3pm.  Or, you can send us an e-mail at: